Tools 2015

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A value-packed conference for non‑profits, charities and co‑operatives

Tools addresses common legal, financial and big-picture issues and provides an opportunity for connecting with others in the non-profit sector.

19 speakers, 10 workshops, 1 keynote, and great networking at an affordable price

Tools 2015 was November 25th

Thanks for joining us at U of T Hart House in downtown Toronto.

Tools is presented by Iler Campbell LLP and Prentice Yates & Clark..

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  • “The caliber of the facilitators and the mixture of backgrounds in the audience make this a must attend event.”
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Lauren Blumas - East Common Room, first floor


Tenant populations are aging. With a renewed push for aging in place, housing providers are bound to find themselves managing tenants with diminished or diminishing mental capacity. What is the role of the housing provider? To what extent must it provide accommodation? What are the privacy considerations? Who can make decisions for an incapable tenant? This session aims to tease out those questions and provide a practical approach for housing providers to work through capacity issues as they arise. Read less

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Ted Hyland - Music Room, West Wing, second floor

Presentation Handout

Your organization is a registered charity and wants to do some work with another organization or group of people that is not a registered charity. How do you structure things? This workshop will examine different arrangements, including agency agreements, co-operative venture agreements. We‘ll look at what is legally possible, as well as what to avoid, when collaborating with an organization that is not a registered charity. Read less

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Viola Bardhoshi - Debates Room, second floor


Understanding financial statements can help management and the Board of Directors make informed decisions. This workshop will help you examine the components of a set of financial statements, look for trends, focus on areas of concern, and learn to ask the right questions. Read less

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Janet Shim , Paul Jaroszko and Shelina Ali - Debates Room, second floor

Presentation - Janet Shim Presentation - Paul Jaroszko Presentation - Shelina Ali

For all federally funded housing co-ops, the end of the Operating Agreement will bring with it some new cashflow and accounting issues. And for some, the end presents an opportunity to remortgage to make building improvements. Professionals from CHF Canada, an audit firm and a law firm discuss refinancing options and the legal and accounting issues that might arise when your Operating Agreement comes to an end. Read less

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Brian Iler - Music Room, West Wing, second floor


Community organizations think about merging with another for various reasons: achieving efficiencies of scale, needing access to more sophisticated resources, funder‘s insistence, or just insufficient organizational energy to continue. This workshop explores the factors that go into a decision to merge, finding the right organization to merge with, the issues that need to be negotiated, and the steps to completing the merger. And all of your questions answered. Read less

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Fraser Page - East Common Room, first floor


Failures of computer security have been making the news more and more. This workshop aims to inform you of what threats are out there and to provide you with simple advice to decrease the chance of being a victim of computer crime. Learn how to tell spam messages from legitimate email, how to choose and manage passwords securely, and much more. Read less

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Michael Gottheil - Great Hall

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Dionne Reid - Debates Room, second floor


This workshop will review non-profit corporations and how to minimize costs and maximize benefits including: investment strategies, purchasing vs leasing assets, comparing directly hired staff to contracted consultants, responding to a loss of funding, and acting as a trustee. Read less

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Celia Chandler - Music Room, West Wing, second floor

Presentation - Celia Chandler

UPDATE: Priya Sarin will most likely not be able to attend Tools. In her place Celia Chandler will present on Human Rights as related to employment. The description below is for Priya's original talk, "Hot Topics in Emmployment Law".
Managing the employer-employee relationship effectively can frequently be a challenge. This challenge is heightened by the fact that the laws governing employment relationships are constantly changing. This workshop will provide you with the tools to respond to the following issues when they arise in your workplace:

  • How to accommodate an employee’s disability, including substance abuse or mental health issues, while managing your ongoing operational needs;
  • How to properly terminate an employment relationship in a Unionized or Non-Unionized workplace; and
  • How to ensure compliance with the latest changes to Employment Standards Act, 2000 in respect of unpaid internships and protected leaves of absence.
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Safia Lakhani - East Common Room, first floor


Construction projects involve multiple stakeholders with divergent interests. As the owner of a project or site, your goal is to get the project up and running, and to minimize the risk of litigation. This presentation will outline some of the ways that an owner can minimize its exposure to claims by contractors and sub-contractors: from the contract document you sign, to maintaining and adhering to a baseline schedule throughout the project, to retaining holdback in accordance with the Construction Lien Act. Read less

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Alex Shan , Cathy Mann, Celia Chandler, Crystal-Marie Sealy, Hubert Lum, Jay Wall, Mieke Smulders and Paul Jaroszko - Great Hall

Top tips

Is your professional services budget increasingly stretched? Do you worry that you are not making effective use of those you retain when you don’t have in-house expertise? Join us for this interactive session. Professionals in auditing, management consulting, IT, investing, fundraising, social media, design and law will give you their top tips on how best to use their services. We’ll leave lots of time for questions and answers. And then we’ll retire to the Gallery Grill to continue the discussion over a refreshment. Read less

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