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Brian Iler

Partner, Iler Campbell LLP

Brian is a partner at Iler Campbell LLP where he advises many of Ontario's co-operatives, non-profits and charities.

He is counsel to Ontario Co-operative Association and recipient of its Lifetime Achievement Award. He is a founding director of the TREC Renewable Energy Co-operative , which erected the wind turbine at Exhibition Place in Toronto, and SolarShare, a community-owned developer and operator of Silver-powered electricity generation projects. As a member of the Board of Directors of the Centre for Social Innovation he advised it on its recent purchases of 720 Bathurst Street and 192 Spadina Avenue, Toronto, and the Community Bond offerings made to finance then. He is a member of the Ontario Non-profit Network's Expert Advisory Panel and author of much of its critique of the as-yet unproclaimed Ontario Non-profit Corporations Act.